When I first signed up to MYOB Essentials (the online version of MYOB) way back in 2014 I did so because it was slightly cheaper than Xero. At the time I had no requirements for integration into other online services. Anyway, I was sure that MYOB's "Essential" product would grow an improve over time.

Suffice to say it didn't.

So at the start of this financial year I made the transition from MYOB to Xero with the help of our accountant. The main reason for the change: XERO's integration with the Stripe payment gateway as well as many other online services.

MYOB just hasn't kept up with the times, at least not for customers doing business online. During these times of COVID-19 where many are moving to e-commerce, that must surely be hurting MYOB's new customer numbers.

Oh, and it took me 25 minutes on the phone to cancel my MYOB account. Man.